THK Design Engineers Create Custom Solutions with linear motion packages in their Mechatronics Division

Source: THK America, Inc.
THK America, Inc. created their Mechatronics division to provide integrated standard THK actuators, customized actuators and a combination of THK linear motion products offering custom solutions for their customers' specific linear positioning applications.

THK engineers offer their expertise in designing and assembling precision positioning systems. This ensures that a system can be up and running, out of the box, with minimal set-up time. THK employs the benefits of its existing technologies and product features to develop Mechatronic products that meet varying application needs. To meet the most demanding requirements, THK's Mechatronics Division combines the exclusive, industry leading Caged Ballä technology with expertise in structural design and finite element analysis. For severe, corrosive environments THK offers a range of choices, from stainless steel components to chrome plating and other corrosion inhibiting techniques. To meet the need for precise, multi-axis positioning, high-resolution optical encoders, ground steel components, and other precision positioning equipment, techniques or materials may be included as part of a THK Mechatronics offering. And, for applications with extreme work envelope constraints, engineers can incorporate ultra-low profile LM guides, such as the RSR3WM (only 4.5mm high), with custom-made components optimized for strict space requirements.

THK's Mechatronics Division offers three levels of design: custom, modified standard and semi-standard. Custom designs begin with the submission of the customer's requirements pertinent to the application. The design engineers review the information, and upon their approval a "Quick Quote" and system specification sheet are generated within approximately 1 - 2 days of the request. When the customer approves the price and specifications, the design process begins. Finally, using the approved drawing, THK will develop, produce and test the final product. Modified standard and standard options entail the adaptation or integration of existing THK products. THK Mechatronics' standard "ME-Standard Options" can incorporate a standard THK GL or KR actuator into numerous applications, including dual carriages for high moment loads, multi-axis mounting brackets; or integrated, space-saving electromagnetic holding brakes.

Lastly, the Mechatronics product line of semi-standard products helps to bridge the gap that exists between standard THK product such as the KR actuator or HSR LM Guide, and custom designed products built for a specific application. For example, THK's LSA (Linear Servo Actuator) – a semi-standard product - makes linear motors a reality in non-traditional fields. The LSA's simple, straightforward operation and low cost is comparable to precision-ground ball screw actuator and servo packages that normally require separate purchases and assembly by the user.

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