News | February 21, 2002

Ultra Tech Machinery Introduces Innovative 'Bolt-On' Features To CNC Modules To Lower Equipment Cost, Increase Flexibility And Reduce Obsolescence

Source: Ultra Tech Machinery, Inc.
Ultra Tech Machinery Introduces Innovative 'Bolt-On' Features To CNC Modules To Lower Equipment Cost, Increase Flexibility And Reduce Obsolescence
Cuyahoga Falls, OH - Ultra Tech Machinery announces their new line of innovative "bolt-on" features and flexibility for their 3-axis CNC modules (PowerModule) designed for OEM's and integrators of in-line and rotary CNC machining systems.

In this tough economic climate, many manufacturers are reevaluating capital equipment purchases - especially machine tool purchases. Manufacturers hold-off as long as possible in committing to new projects; therefore lead-time requirements are shorter than ever before. Cutbacks in budgets have forced manufacturers to scale down their system requirements. Single part volumes have dropped so these hi-volume manufacturers need more flexibility in their production systems in order to maximize equipment utilization.

Ultra Tech Machinery turned these challenges in the machine tool market into an opportunity. It's a simple concept - provide a hi-performance, universal CNC assembly to hi-volume machine builders that can be used to get the job done today with the capacity to "bolt-on" options tomorrow. Ultra Tech's 3rd generation module provides the most flexibility on the market. End-users who take advantage of the versatility of the design can offer a wider range of solutions to their customers.

This pre-engineered, standard base machine design, reduces lead-time and cost by eliminating the in-house engineering necessary for module development. Furthermore, extensive engineering resources, such as static, dynamic and modal Finite Element Analysis (FEA) were utilized to develop the design. The integrator or OEM's in-house engineering costs are minimized since design and assembly FMEA's are already completed for critical sub-assemblies. Training costs are also lowered since the end user's employees only need to learn and maintain one type of module.

These are short-term immediate benefits to OEM's and integrators of flexible machining systems. There are also long-term benefits. Most CNC modules currently on the market are purchased for a specific machining application. Due to their design, they have limited use after the job is complete, which is typically 2 to 4 years. This can be a financial burden since most equipment is depreciated over 7 years.

Ultra Tech offers a universal module that can be configured in many ways like adding a turret, tool changer or the ability to "bolt-on" glass scales for improved accuracy for high-tolerance work. The ability to reconfigure the base system can also extend the life of the module beyond the current job. This is completely new to CNC Module design.

A specific example would be a 5-module system. With the same style of module, 3 require turrets, the other 2 require spindles with a tool changer for more tools and higher rigidity. The OEM or integrator can buy the same module for both jobs with almost identical mechanical components. The base unit accepts a turret or a tool changer for about the same price.

Robert Hagarty, P.E. - Vice President, Ultra Tech Machinery; "Most of our competitors don't offer a carousel style tool changer - the one's that do, don't have a standard module design that can accept a turret. The OEM's employees and maintenance personnel need to learn two different types of systems. With our module, it's the same basic machine. What we're doing is advancing the industry - taking 3-axis module and designing in the flexibility of a heavy-duty, high-production machining center."

Ultra Tech offers a comprehensive line of "bolt-on" options and is currently developing a NEW full guarding assembly and a NEW JIC base option, which they will be announcing at EASTEC. Ultra Tech will be exhibiting at EASTEC (booth no. 2018), and IMTS (booth no. c-5721). The module is offered as a slide "shell" for builders or can be made as a fully integrated system with a CNC, base and guarding. Standard working envelopes include 355mm (14"), 510 mm (20") and 660 mm (26").

Following is a list of the module options offered by Ultra Tech:

  • CNC unit & console
  • Cable carriers
  • (NEW) JIC Base
  • (NEW) Full Guarding Assembly
  • 9 spindle options; standard spindle 12,000 rpm, 10 to 50 horsepower (motorized spindles also available for rpm over 12,000)
  • 6 tool change options, including rotary carousel tool changer (12 to 40 tools)
  • 5 turret options, including up to an 8-position indexable turret
  • 12 slide options including; hardened way or linear roller rail
  • Glass scales - "bolt-on"
  • 3 control options - customer specified motor options
  • 3 assembly options, including: all plumbing and wiring to common locations, stand-alone hydraulic unit, pneumatic valving assembly
  • 4th axis capability
  • Safety brake on Y axis

Ultra Tech Machinery is a QS 9000 with T& E supplement and ISO 9001 certified company. Ultra Tech specializes in metal forming and metal removing equipment for high-production environments offering a line of CNC modules, multi-axis CNC milling machines, polishing and buffing machines, flow forming and vertical turning equipment.

Literature is available that further explains the short-term and long-term cost benefit of these modules, available options, and engineering and quality standards to which the units are built.
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