News | February 26, 2007

World-Class Casino Embraces Robotic Technology


San Diego, CA - Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino, known for gaming technology, is now the casino to have high-tech cleaning muscle – in the form of the robotic vacuum for commercial use.

Developed by floor care innovator Intellibot Robotics LLC, the IV800 has been deployed in Barona's 100,000-square-foot convention center.

"It used to take four staff members two days to clean the site using a conventional vacuum," said Ahmed Ait-Lahcen, Barona's director of housekeeping. "Using the robot, we finish in a few hours with one supervisor, while our cleaning crew focuses on other tasks. The robot has improved our efficiency, quality control and level of guest service standards."

Intellibot Robotics CEO Henry L. Hillman, Jr. says the intelligent technology of machines such as the IV800 offers organizations a competitive advantage.

"Maintaining high standards in all operations is critical for a premier resort like Barona," said Hillman. "As an early adopter of new technology, Barona recognized that Intellibot machines reduce labor costs while increasing quality and consistency of cleaning, which directly affects the guest experience."

Introduced last March, Intellibot's IV800 is designed for large carpeted or hard surface hallways in convention centers, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and other facilities that get heavy traffic and must frequently be cleaned to a high standard. Using onboard computers, highly refined software and ultrasonic sonar sensors, the robotic vacuum requires only about 25 minutes of operator attention per eight-hour shift, reducing labor costs by up to 85 percent while increasing cleaning quality and consistency.

SOURCE: Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino and Intellibot