News | August 9, 2018

Worldwide Laser Service Corp. Announces New Laser Drilling System

Worldwide Laser Service Corp. [WLSC] announces the newest addition to their Industrial Laser Series, a laser drilling system designed for drilling PCB, Kapton, Ceramic, and Thin Films.

Gilbert, AZ (PRWEB) - Worldwide laser Service Corporation introduces the newest addition to their laser drilling series of lasers. The model LP8000D, as demonstrated in the video link and pictures, is equipped with a TEA Co2 impact laser and designed for drilling holes or via based on patterns established and imported from a DXF file.

The LP8000D system incorporates a TEA Co2 impact laser capable of running up to 500 Hz [500 shots per second] with pulse duration of .002 seconds at the high end, also included in the drilling system is a vacuum table, x-y table, high speed galvo head, and machine vision system with lighting.

The entire system is run with custom interface software and HMI, or human machine interface, program for component control and vision interface. Drilling system variables such as machine vision status, location and recording of fiducials, along with control of major system functions, such as interlocks and vacuum are located on the HMI. Also provided is a joy stick with toggles for slow and fast speeds allowing the operator to fine tune a precise location to be laser drilled.

The system has different standard models and can be equipped with a Fiber-YAG laser up to 500 watts, UV 355nm up to 100w or 532nm up to 40 watts for drilling or cutting materials such as Kapton, Polyamide film, PBC boards and Ceramic. The system foot print becomes considerably smaller with these laser interface options.

The system, regardless of laser wavelength, is also equipped with an automated z-axis for the galvo head allowing for different profile materials to be cut or drilled. The f-theta demonstrated is a 100mm lens and spot sizes are controlled with apertures placed in the beam delivery path, there are five [5] different standard options available for these optical system components. The system, when equipped with the impact Co2 laser, delivers 75 watts out of the laser and 13 watts to 8 watts at the cut or drilling point depending on the aperture utilized.

This drilling system provides an updated modern system for end users with current hardware and software which is aging and can be 20+ year old and also provides a new and extremely effective manner for manufactures in the solar, cellular, flat panel, PCB, and ceramics industries to cut and drill products reducing scrap rates to near zero, increasing industrial through put, reducing labor costs, and developing environmentally friendly green manufacturing process.


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