Latest Headlines

  1. HK Technologies Ups The Ante With New EDM Line

    The MP1200 and MP2400 wire erosion machines from Mitsubishi is now available from Rugby based HK Technologies

  2. Inside 3D Printing Seoul Unveils The New Era Of Digital Manufacturing

    South Korea has become one of the hottest places in 3D printing industry.

  3. SmartCAMcnc Announces Release Of SmartCAM v2017

    SmartCAMcnc has announced the release of SmartCAM v2017. SmartCAM v2017 delivers new verification technology, as well as expanded rotary axis and code generation support, and improvements to the user interface and rough milling functionality

  4. Light Shines On New Machining Technologies At Hyundai Wia Open House

    Hyundai Wia hosted an open house at its Itasca, Illinois, showroom to introduce new offerings in the way of machining technologies, including products from partner companies like Rohm and Renishaw

  5. Hwacheon Introduces High Speed, High Precision Hi-M G1 Vertical Machining Center For Graphite

    Hwacheon Machinery America, Inc.’s new Hi-M G1 Vertical Machining Center is specially designed to cut graphite. Its quick and precise performance makes it an ideal choice for dry cutting graphite electrode material used in die mold work

  6. HEIDENHAIN's Improved Grid Encoder For Testing CNC Machines

    HEIDENHAIN's family of KGM grid encoders have once again been improved to better meet the needs of CNC-controlled machine users who require accuracy testing.

  7. Omniscien Technologies Announces Partnership With LexisNexis To Deploy Language Studio™ Neural Machine Translation

    Omniscien Technologies (formerly Asia Online) today announced a partnership with LexisNexis to deploy Language Studio™ Neural Machine Translation (NMT) to further support the LexisNexis intellectual property workflow

  8. Walter GB Customers Hit The Jackpot With New Tiger.Tec Gold Milling Inserts

    Recently announced by Walter GB, Tiger.tec Gold features a new and innovative titanium aluminium oxide (TiAIN) coating process that revolutionises carbide insert performance by offering staggering increases in tool life compared to inserts coated using the conventional chemical vapour deposition (CVD) process

  9. OMRON Develops AI-Equipped Machine Automation Controller

    OMRON Corporation announced on April 25 the development of a machine automation controller equipped with a machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms

  10. Belvac To Unveil Its Innovation In Machines, Tooling And Product Development At The MetPack Show On May 2nd Thru May 6th In Essen, Germany

    Belvac Production Machinery, Inc., a world leader in the design and production of continuous motion rotary machinery used by beverage and food can manufacturers around the globe, is pleased to unveil its latest Innovations at the upcoming MetPack show, the world's leading fair for the metal packaging industry