Product Showcase

  1. DUO System
    Two (dual) camera portable CMM: High 3-D accuracy; Large volume as well as small volume
  2. Vantage
    Vantage by Epicor is an easy-to-use ERP solution designed to meet the needs of make-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturing companies. Vantage is delivered out of the box with built-in workflow processes that enable manufacturers to manage the entire order cycle: from Marketing and Sales through Production and Planning, Sourcing and Procurement, Installation and Service, and finally Financial recognition. Vantage enables the whole process to be real-time and paperless. Because the entire Vantage solution streamlines the order cycle, an enterprise can maximize its resources, minimize its costs and improve profitability.
  3. Cooling Tanks
    CDS’s cooling tanks are offered in a variety of sizes, and are made of non-ferrous materials to minimize rusting and water contamination.
  4. Datasheet: Tables
    CDS’s vacuum calibrators ensure consistent cooling and calibration of rigid profiles with a wide range of water and vacuum outlets. The tooling rails and table size can be customized for many applications....
  5. DataSheet: Cutters and Saws
    CDS’s cutters can execute clean and precise cuts for flexible and semi-rigid thermoplastics.

    Our servo-driven saws can be programmed to cut material with high precision using a built-in length controller....

  6. Portable Hones and Accessories
    Sunnen Portable Hones work fast and efficiently for all kinds of bore-sizing jobs. Portable hones are especially useful in the following situations
  7. Shrink-Fit Machines
    Techniks Induction Shrink-Fit Machines

    Our induction heat machines are the state of the art when it comes to shrink-fit. Localized induction heating allows you to quickly change tools in a few seconds, either right in the spindle or off-line.

  8. GeoNEST
    GeoNEST is a family of powerful nesting products
  9. Adjustable Tool Pallet
    This pallet eliminates the expense to build or purchase new pallets for new or non-standard sized tools.
  10. CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder Model QT425
    CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder Model QT425 is a heavy duty grinding machine capable of grinding complete smaller tool in one chucking.