1. SURFCAM 4/5 Axis
    SURFCAM offers true simultaneous 4- and 5-axis machining, full visualization and verification. This enables the NC programmer to gain precise control over every aspect of multi-axis machining, ensuring safe tool motion in the most challenging applications. 4/5-Axis provides support for all standard tools with collision checking, avoidance, toolpath containment — and more.
  2. SURFCAM Introduces SRM Advanced Machining Logic
    SRM, featuring new technology, is one of the major products in the Advanced Machining Logic series. This patent-pending technology represents a major breakthrough in the rough milling of complex multiple surfaces...
  3. Lathe From SURFCAM CAD/CAM Systems
    SURFCAM Lathe features turning, facing, grooving, boring, threading and cut off capability. The turning module also delivers front and back angle checking on the tool for gouge-free toolpaths
  4. Drum Separators, Rare Earth

    Ideal for when high purity is needed...

  5. Datasheet: Basic Solo System
    Single camera portable CMM: Highly portable; Fast set-up (approx. 10 minutes); Versatile feature measuring (manual); CAD comparison; Shop floor stability; Large volume (up to 34 meters from camera; High 2-D accuracy, medium range 3-D accuracy; Metronor's most economical system.
  6. Datasheet: Basic Duo System
    Two (dual) camera portable CMM: High 3-D accuracy; Large volume as well as small volume; Versatile feature measuring (manual); CAD comparison; Simultaneous measuring of multiple points; Temperature and vibration stability; Six degrees of freedom for alignment and assembly.
  7. Increasing Efficiency, Decreasing Lead Time With Lean Manufacturing
    Since its inception over 50 years ago, Danville Metal Stamping Co., Inc. (DMS), has grown from a three-person metal shop to a company that supplies metal components for some of the biggest names in the aerospace and gas turbine industries. But the company's rapid growth has required major changes in the way it does business, including the introduction of a lean manufacturing initiative at its plants in Danville, Ill.

    Submitted by IFS Applications

  8. IFS Applications

    IFS Applications offers powerful solutions that quickly provide real-world results to today's critical business issues.


  9. DUO Shop Floor System
    Same as DUO System, but with: Standard PC instead of an Industrial portable PC; Compact shop floor lockable trolley instead of transport cases (less portable)
  10. White Paper: Occupational Vibration: Are You At Risk?
    What you don't know about daily vibration exposure can seriously and irreversibly hurt those who are exposed.