Supplier News

  1. SME’s Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Conference And Exposition Returns To Cincinnati April 29 - May 2
    Providing design, product development and manufacturing professionals with the tools to develop and make products faster, better and more cost effectively is what the Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing (RP&M) 2002 Conference and Exposition is all about...
  2. Haas Presents Nationwide High-Speed Machining Event
    On June 19, 2002, Haas Factory Outlets throughout the U.S. and Canada will host a one-day high-speed machining event to mark Haas Automation’s 2nd Annual Demo Day...
  3. THK Design Engineers Create Custom Solutions with linear motion packages in their Mechatronics Division
    THK America, Inc. created their Mechatronics division to provide integrated standard THK actuators, customized actuators and a combination of THK linear motion products offering custom solutions for their customers’ specific linear positioning applications
  4. A Propensity For Chip Density
    The new FastPacTM Briquetter from Mayfran International (Cleveland, OH) transforms mounds of metalworking chips, strings and nests, fines and sludge into dense, dry and compact briquettes...
  5. Ultra Tech Machinery Appoints Joe Butler National Sales Manager
    Ultra Tech Machinery, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of metal forming and machining equipment, today announced the appointment of Joe Butler as National Sales Manager
  6. Junker Introduces New CNC Thread Grinding Machine for Small Dimensions, Features CNC-Controlled Relief
    Erwin Junker Machinery, Inc. has added a new family member to its “Tapomat” line of CNC thread grinders and redesigned the machine at the same time
  7. Exhibiting-On machine, in process and final part inspection technologies "Live", while meeting today’s most stringent manufacturing ISO Quality requirements. Calibrating, machining and probing up to ISO requirements, is on display during WESTEC 2002
    Shadow Automation, Inc. will exhibit, their now seasoned, PC based “Lean” manufacturing/quality solution, for industry which dramatically enhances part set-up, in process
  8. Shadow Automation, Inc. To Exhibit In WESTEC 2002, March 18-21
    Shadow Automation, Inc. will be one of an estimated 850 companies participating in WESTEC 2002 (APEX), taking place on March 18-21 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California
  9. Automating GD&T Inspection with PolyWorks V7
    InnovMetric Software Inc. announces an outstanding new version of its PolyWorks inspection and reverse engineering solution...
  10. CADKEY Corporation Announces New CADKEY Workshop Manufacturing Design Software
    The Newest Offering in the All-New CADKEY® Version 20 Technology Product Line Delivers a Contemporary CAD Solution Focused on the Needs of Manufacturers